Player Boundary and Releases

Bytown Dodgers Player Boundary

National Capital Ontario Baseball Association (NCOBA) boundaries

An updated 2018 NCOBA map has not been created for all the teams yet.

The boundaries are roughly:

  1. Bytown Dodgers Baseball Association: Covers roughly Orleans Little League and everything east of that.
  2. OCBA (Ottawa City Baseball Association):  Covers roughly the Little League areas of South Ottawa and the Glebe.
  3. Ottawa West Baseball Association:  The OBA team covers roughly the Little League areas of Ottawa West and East Nepean.
  4. Kanata Baseball Association: The OBA team area is roughly the same as Kanata's Little League area.
  5. Seaway Surge: Everything south of the above regions, down to the St. Lawrence.
  6. Arnprior Baseball Association is west of the Kanata Baseball Association boundary.

Player Release

All players who do not reside in the Bytown Dodgers player boundary require a release from any active OBA teams for which they are in the boundary of. Players do not require release from Little League associations*. If you have any questions about releases, determining which team area you are in, or if you require a release, please contact us.

For players wishing to play for BDBC and residing with-in the NCOBA region, the release form below needs to be signed by the president of the player's home local.  To play for BDBC, a signature from the NCOBA president is not needed, as the release is within NCOBA.  For any players wishing to play for BDBC, who do not live in the NCOBA region, please contact us to determine what releases you need.

For 2018, Midget age players residing in the NCOBA region are free to play for any NCOBA local without a release.

PDF: NCOBA Player Release Form

* While release from Little League is not required to play for an OBA rep team, players are not permitted to play for both a Little League Association, and an OBA rep team in the same season.