The Bytown Advantage

What are the advantages of playing with the Bytown Dodgers Baseball Club?

  • Our teams play in the OBA rep program, designed to help players develop skills that will take them to elite level teams and beyond.
  • Our focus is player development; we begin with winter training in indoor training facilities that develop skills in batting, pitching and fielding.  As soon as fields are available we move outside and continue this training with more emphasis on situational drills.
  • Our teams are headed by professional coaches with experience both playing and coaching baseball.  Although there may be instances where a qualified parent coach serves as an assistant on the field, the Bytown Dodgers Baseball Club policy for rep teams is that the head coach cannot be a parent of any player on the team.
  • Our coaches instill a positive, supportive team spirit, where players take responsibility for their actions on and off the field and work together to create the best Bytown Dodgers team possible.
  • Special skill development sessions provided by former pro baseball players augment regular training sessions to ensure that all Dodgers are taught the mechanics that minimize risk of injury and maximize effectiveness on the field.