Playing in the OBA

What does it mean to play baseball at the OBA rep level?

  • Rules of play are administered by Baseball Canada, which ultimately follows Major League Baseball rules for the older players.  (Real baseball rules!)
  • Once a team is formed at the beginning of the winter training season, this same group of players will remain a team for the duration of the season, (winter, spring, summer).
  • The regular season will include at least 24 games, with playoffs.
  • OBA teams attend 3 or more rep tournaments at their age and level.  There are many tournaments to choose from across Ontario, giving OBA rep teams a chance to play against a wide range of opponents at an appropriately matched level.
  • There are opportunities to represent the region in season-end provincial tournaments which are held at each age group, and at the A, AA and AAA levels.
  • OBA rep players are eligible to try out for provincial and national teams under Baseball Canada.
  • Coaches training and certification is done through the Baseball Canada program.

Associations Related to BDBC

Ontario Baseball

OBA (Ontario Baseball Association)

  • The main governing body for baseball in Ontario.

OBA Affiliate Associations:

NCOBA (National Capital Ontario Baseball Association)

  • Our affiliate.  Due to the limited number of teams in NCOBA, NCOBA teams play with other neighbouring affiliates to form reasonable playing loops to allow for more competitive baseball.
  • In 2018 the Bytown Dodgers Bantam team played in the NCOBA and EOBA leagues, and participated in three tournaments in the regular season. Depending on the number of NCOBA teams fielded in 2019, the Bantam and Midget teams will play either a full local loop or a partial loop with the EOBA. Away games in EOBA are within a 3.5 hour driving distance, and are scheduled to minimize travel (e.g. 2 weekends of EOBA league away games in 2018).
  • With the significant number of strong teams fielded at the Peewee level in NCOBA, it was possible for the Bytown Dodgers Peewee team to play a NCOBA only loop in the 2018 season. This was supplemented with exhibition games against local teams from Baseball Quebec (ABEO), and three tournaments during the regular season. We anticipate that Mosquito and Peewee teams playing with the Bytown Dodgers in 2019 will follow a similar game schedule.

EOBA (Eastern Ontario Baseball Association)

Baseball Quebec

Baseball Quebec

Baseball Quebec Affiliate Associations:

ABEO (Gatineau)

Age Categories

Category Age group
8U T-Ball 8 and under
9U Rookie Ball 9 and under
10U Minor Mosquito 10 and under
11U Mosquito 11 and under
12U Minor Peewee 12 and under
13U Peewee Girls 13 and under
13U Peewee 13 and under
14U Minor Bantam 14 and under
15U Bantam 15 and under
16U Bantam Girls 16 and under
16U Minor Midget 16 and under
18U Midget 18 and under
21U Junior 21 and under
Women Unlimited
Senior Men 22+

* Players may play in an older age category.
** Girls playing in the mixed categories may play 1 year younger.

Diamond Sizes

Series Pitching Distance Base Path RECOMMENDED GUIDELINES
Outfield Fence
Left Centre Right
Regulation 60’6” 90’0” 325’ 400’ 325’
Bantam Girls 55’0” 82’0” 300’ 365’ 300’
PeeWee 50’0” 75’0” 270’ 335’ 270’
PeeWee Girls 50’0” 75’0” 270’ 335’ 270’
Mosquito 44’0” 65’0” 235’ 290’ 235’
Rookie Ball 44’0” 65’0” 235’ 290’ 235’
T-Ball 50’0” 60’0” 215’ 265’ 215’


PDF: Diamond size excerpt from OBA Constitution with field diagrams. (usefull to have for field preparation/line marking etc.)

Bat Information

Official OBA bat rules:  Baseball Ontario Bat Rules  NOTE: BDBC plays rep level ball, so only the "REP BAT RULES" apply.

The following is our enhanced version of the rules, for official rules, see above link. If you have any questions about bats, please contact us to get clarification, BEFORE purchasing bats.

For Mosquito:

  • Any certified bat (USSSA BPF 1.15, USA Baseball) is allowed.  The official rules use the word "metal" but composite bats meeting the rest of the requirements are commonly used.
  • Most players use 2 5/8 diameter bats.
  • Wood* bats are also allowed, although very few players at this age use them due to the higher weights.  Even designated wood bat tournaments often have exemptions from wood for Mosquito.

For Peewee:

  • Any certified bat (USSSA BPF 1.15, USA Baseball) which is drop 10 or less is allowed.  The official rules use the word "metal" but composite bats meeting meeting the rest of the requirements are commonly used.
  • Most players use 2 5/8 diameter bats.
  • Wood* bats are also allowed, although few players this age use them in game except in designated wood bat tournaments.

For Minor Bantam and above:

  • Only wood* bats may be used.

* Wood bats include: bamboo bats and wood composite bats. Wood composite bats include wood bats with fibreglass sheathing and wood barrelled bats with composite handles.